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Office Acoustics

The clever acoustic solutions for the modern office. 

The most clever and affordable productivity enhancement for your office

More and more businesses are turning to open office layouts and to flexible, fully equipped co-working spaces as their base. A new co-working space in London opening up once every five days and this is a trend and a culture that is only set to continue to rise. 

Our acoustic solutions, made with eco-friendly materials  provide peaceful break-out spaces for employees in busy co-working or open-plan spaces. We have carefully designed our product range, considering the look, feel, durability and quality as well as how to meet the demands of a busy, open-plan space when workers need a quiet space to make a call or a productive meeting.


Acoustic solutions for your office

Phone Booths

Made with special eco-friendly acoustic materials, our office phone booths provide a peaceful place in the modern shared and open plan offices. 

It's fully equipped with LED lighting, ventilation and a charging station!

space dividers.jpg
Space Dividers

Our engraved acoustic space dividers look great and make sure that your employees get the maximum comfort and flexibility from your office space. Available in 17 colours to match your interior!

acoustic panels plain.jpg
Acoustic PET Panels

Available in 17 colours and thickness of 4mn to 22mm, our eco-friendly acoustic PET provides great flexibility and options for your office.

Large sizes and custom cuts are available on demand. 

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